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at dog’s best friend we passionately believe in the use of positive reinforcement dog training, a philosophy supported not only by anecdotal evidence, but by scientific study by some of the most well-respected animal-related associations in the world. this page is dedicated solely to links and resources produced by some of these organizations.

a punished dog is an aggressive dog
by stanley coren, ph.d

adolescent dogs go through fear periods
by the bark magazine

animal behavior expert debunks dog myths
by lynn schmidt

apdt uk leaflet against the use of choke chains
by apdt uk

are domestic dogs losing the ability to get along with each other?
by laura brody

canine aggression issues
by jim crosby

choke, prong and shock collars can irreversibly damage your dog
by dr. peter dobias

connection between dog training and advocacy
by drayton michaels

do dogs learn faster for food?
dr. stanley coren, ph.d.

dog aggression may be caused by owners, new study finds
by sheila dichoso

dog behavior and training – alpha and pack leadership, what does it really mean?
by debra horwitz, dvm, dacvb and gary landsberg, dvm, dacvb

dog training methods: their use, effectiveness and interaction with behaviour and welfare
by miranda bourque

dominant dogs
by eileen mcfall

down with dominance
by dianne garrod, from “barks from the guild”

down with dominance: both ends of the leash
by patricia mcconnell, ph.d.

electronic training collars present welfare risk to pet dogs
by university of lincoln,

entertainment options for the home alone dog
by karen london, ph.d.

fear in dogs
by marie finnegan

growl vs. scowl
by diane garrod

he just wants to say “hi”
by suzanne clothier

hey, old school dominance theory: school’s out!
by nicole wilde

how to socialize your puppy
by jolanta benal, cpdt-ka, cbcc-ka

if you’re aggresive, your dog will be too
by science daily

is it important to attend puppy classes?
by companion animal psychology

is punishment an effective way to change the behavior of dogs?
by stanley coren, ph.d.

it’s a puppy. not a problem!
by denisefenzipetdog

letting dogs meet: the three second rule
by chad culp, thriving canine

littermate syndrome: the risky downside to raising sibling puppies
by jeff stallings, cpdt-ka

making introductions: dog-to-dog
by karen london, ph.d.

misconceptions about “alpha dog”
by ian dunbar

misconceptions of counter-conditioning leash reactive dogs
by drayton michaels, “barks from the guild,” the pet professional guild

new findings on shock collars
by avsab

new study finds popular alpha dog training techniques can cause more harm than good
by dr. sophia yin

pinch me a.k.a. prong me
by yvette van veen

puppy socialization – it shouldn’t be an after thought, it should be a priority
by nancy tanner

puppy socialization and vaccinations go together
by linda michaels, ma psychology, victoria stilwell licensed trainer

rethinking puppy socialization
by lisa mullinax

shock collars: what manufacturers don’t want you to know
by coape news and blog

socializing a puppy with people…by ignoring them
by canine peace of mind

survey of the use and outcome of confrontational and non-confrontational training methods
by meghan e. herron, frances s. shofer and ilana r. reisner, school of veterinary medicine, university of pennsylvania

the effect of training methods on the efficiency of learning
by stanley coren, ph.d.

the end of shock collars?
by companion animal psychology

the importance of puppy socialization
by arliss paddock of the american kennel club

the power of trust – in dog training
by steve martin, nei and s.g. friedman, usu

the truth about positive reinforcement
by dr. lore haug

there’s no such thing as an “outdoor dog”
by anna swartz, the dodo, for the love of animals

top 10 tips – for adolescent dogs
by nancy tanner

training your dog with a shock collar: how will you decide?

tug o’ war is a fun game to play with your dog
by pat miller, the whole dog journal

understanding learned helplessness in dogs
by adrienne janet farricelli

we will never stop headlines like that, until we stop photos like this!
by sue mccabe

what does citronella really do to a dog?
by theo stewart, barks from the guild

what is positive training?
by victoria stilwell

what to do if you think your dog is “dominant”
by eric brad

when should you start training?
by mary burch, ph.d., akc’s canine good citizen and s.t.a.r. puppy director, certified applied animal behaviorist

which emotions do dogs actually experience?
by stanley coren, ph.d.

why dog trainers will have to change their ways
by kate kellaway

why everything you know about wolf packs is wrong
by lauren davis

why puppy classes are so important
by cindy bruckart

why to say no to shock collars
by victoria stilwell

why you need to socialize your puppy
by companion animal psychology