Dogs Best Friend!

burley, stella + jill’s story: rovereactive to canine good citizen (group classes)

“as the ‘mom’ of two former street dogs (who happen to be sixty-five pound pitbulls), i searched for a trainer and training methods that focused on engaging common sense, positive reinforcement and animal/human partnership. rebecca mandell and dog’s best friend fulfilled all of these criterion and more.

during the past two years, we have enrolled in consecutive classes and both dogs progressed through basic manners and socialization to graduate from the canine good citizen (cgc) certification with their diplomas.

now participating in agility and the preliminary stages of animal assisted therapy work, both of my formerly reactive dogs have the foundation in obedience and the confidence to be in almost any setting with positive results.

i love working with rebecca i recommend her humane and positive training classes and sessions to every dog owner i meet.”

— jill