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at dog’s best friend we passionately believe in the use of positive reinforcement dog training, a philosophy supported not only by anecdotal evidence, but by scientific study by some of the most well-respected animal-related associations in the world.

not only is it extremely important to train all dogs using force-free methods, but especially puppies, who are exceptionally vulnerable.

the first 16 weeks of their lives are so very important, so we want to make sure every experience is as positive as possible. using compassion at all times will help them grow into happy, healthy, well-adjusted dogs.

this page is dedicated solely to links and resources that will guide you in raising your pup in the most positive, compassionate way.

recommended reading

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by karen london, ph.d

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by jolanta benal, cpdt-ka, cbcc-ka

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It’s a puppy. not a problem!

littermate syndrome: the risky downside to raising sibling puppies
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socializing a puppy with people…by ignoring them
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the importance of puppy socialization
by arliss paddock of the american kennel club

the puppy primer
by brenda scidmore and patricia mcconnell

way to go
by karen b. london, ph.d. and patricia b. mcconnell, ph.d.

what is positive training?
by victoria stilwell

why puppy classes are so important
by cindy bruckart

why you need to socialize your puppy
by companion animal psychology


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how to handle puppy nipping with COMPASSION by rebecca mandell and lili chin

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