Dogs Best Friend!

pixel, alma, igor + dorothy’s story: rovereactive (group classes)

“by rescuing pixel, we became fur-parents without the luxury of planning and preparing for it in advance. i never had a dog before and my knowledge was grounded in methods like smacking, yelling, pushing the nose into accidental poos, etc.

i was struggling – i always had trouble punishing our babies. then when we got igor, i remember crying almost every day during the first months we had him. punishing him was emotionally exhausting for me as well as for him, so i was constantly on a lookout for a better way. i feel shamed, embarrassed, sad and powerless when i think of all the mistakes we made. but i know one thing: we did every single step out of unconditional, capital l love. we were just lost. so very lost.

we were seeking a better way – we were looking for guidance. and boy, i can tell you, it was confusing! dominance overpowers all the information available online about positive training.

when we moved back to hungary, we had access to more positive training — and we started changing our ways. but again, it was a struggle. we had some of the info, but not all the tools.. we failed a lot. i think this happens to a lot of people.

now, i’m so happy to have ‘found’ you and worked with you. seeing first hand how this approach can and does work is life-changing! it’s hard for me to believe that we were once so blind! you did change our lives and i know we are not alone.

thank you for all the great work you do!”

— dorothy