Dogs Best Friend!

reina, stuart + tami’s story: rovereactive to canine good citizen (private training + group classes)

“i have two maltese and like so many owners of toy breed dogs, i was over protective, sheltered my pups and had a penchant for picking them up when they misbehaved. we tried other trainers, but i felt uncomfortable using harsh corrections or aversions with such small creatures, who are so easily frightened.

i finally found rebecca and enrolled in a public course for reactive dogs and then decided to tackle the canine good citizens (cgc) course. we also participate in private training sessions occasionally.

in every class setting, rebecca’s passion for dogs and her gentle demeanor and positive training techniques help to make me a better owner and my dogs more behaved, happy and well-adjusted. positive training does not mean permissive! but it does mean using scientifically based behavior modification techniques without harsh punishment or corrections.

and it will definitely enhance your communication and relationship with your dog.

if you would like to avoid making the same mistakes i did with your toy breed, i encourage you to call rebecca as soon as you get your puppy. or better yet, have a consultation before you get your puppy to help you prepare for new puppy ownership.”

— tami, reina + stuart