nip the “bewitching hour” in the bud

does your puppy have a bewitching hour? a time when they go a little “psycho,” and turn into a shark toothed, hand biting gremlin (usually caused by being overtired)?


i know the feeling. as a puppy, my now three year old golden, cooper, would have them every night from 9:00 – 10:00 pm. like clockwork! they would last exactly one hour. at 9:00 pm his eyes would glaze over and he would turn into a little monster (i say that with love), then at 10:00 pm, on the dot, he would return to his normal, sweet self, ready to conk out for the night.


the best way to handle the bewitching hour is to place pup in a safe place (crate or pen), and give him a yummy chew bone/toy. this is not the time to play and interact. that can lead to excessive puppy nipping, and frustration, from everyone (including the pup).


don’t worry, they grow out of it, for the most part. my cooper still has them from time to time, but now they only last 10-15 minutes, then we have this…


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