today’s dog training tip ~ august 11, 2015 ~ the importance of regular head to tail checks

dog’s best friend’s daily training tip ~ be sure to do a head to tail check of your dog at least once a week. you want to look for lumps, bumps, spots, bruises, etc. sometimes critters like ticks, and maggots (i will share a story about that later) can be lurking on your pup’s body and you don’t even know it, unless you look/feel closely. include the inside of your dog’s ears, under their tail (yes, their anus), and the inside crease of their legs (hot, moist and comfy for icky things to grow).


if you find a lump or bump, be sure to have it checked out immediately. usually they are simply fatty tumors/cysts, and are harmless, but sometimes they’re more, and early detection is important.


always keep an eye on changes of color and size of anything foreign you may find on your dog’s body.


be sure to couple this touch session with yummy treats, like cheese or hot dogs, so it is always a pleasurable experience for them. you’ll need to do it for their entire life, so be sure to make it fun. for both of you.