cooper unleashed in carmel

aversive trainers often say that you cannot train a good recall (come when called) using positive reinforcement training. they say you must have treats on you at all times, and that positively trained dogs won’t come when distracted. those trainers tend to promote shock collar training, saying that the only way to get a dog to reliably come to you is to shock them (sigh).

well, i beg to differ. there is no better way to teach recall than using positive reinforcement training. by reinforcing the cue, using treats and praise when they come when called, you are building your dog’s bond with you, and teaching them that coming to you is the best thing in the world. better than anything else.

once you have practiced over and over again, with distractions, in different environments, and your dog consistently comes to you using treats, then you can phase out the treats, and simply use praise. then you can proudly watch as they come to you, even when you don’t have goodies in your pocket.

in this video, shot at carmel’s famous (legal) off leash dog beach, cooper shows how he chooses to stay with his dad, even with dogs in a distance (look to the left of cooper), then when called to come to me, he considers running to the dogs on the right, but changes his mind, and runs happily to me (i had no treats, btw). i was better than the dogs (and cooper loves dogs).

proof pawsitive that it can be done. it just takes time, practice, patience and love.