what makes a good puppy teacher (the four-legged kind)?

socializing our puppies with mature, well adjusted adult dogs is a very important part of raising a puppy. mature dogs can teach our puppies how to be polite, and let them know when they are being annoying in their own doggy language.


however, all adult dogs do not enjoy the company of little ones, and are not cut out for being “puppy teachers.” the adult dog must be patient, and not go “too far” in their corrections. if they growl harshly, or try to bite the puppy, then they are not proper mentors.



a “good teacher” would stay calm, give the puppy a hard stare, or a slight growl, but no more than that. we don’t want a doggy teacher that will scare our puppy to death. that could create another problem, a fearful puppy. so be sure to choose your puppy’s teachers wisely.