three myths about getting a dog

  1. big dog means big place ~ nope, not necessarily. most large dogs (all sizes, for that matter) just want to be with you. i have yet to meet a dog, large or small, that prefers the yard to being with you. as long as you give them proper exercise, and play time, big dogs do just fine in small places.
  2. dogs need three ~ six hours of exercise a day ~ this is touted by cesar milan, and is absolutely crazy. first of all, who the heck can do that? if you have a job, chances are you can't. most dogs do very well with a couple walks a day. my spencer would go on strike if i tried to exercise him that much. again, as long as they get proper play, fun, and training time, they do just fine.
  3. if i have a job, and have to be gone eight hours a day, i cannot get a dog. well, based on that logic, very few people would ever bring a dog into their home. yes, we all want to spend tons of time with our pups, and we should, but if a dog is potty trained correctly, gets their regular walks, etc. (see above), they can manage being without you while you are at work. if your day is really long, hiring a dog walker is an affordable option. many businesses are even starting to allow dogs to come to work with you, so don't let your thriving career stop you from bringing home a best friend!