tips to keep your pups safe this fourth of july

the fourth of july is almost here, a holiday filled with fun, friends and exciting (but scary) fireworks celebrations.

when night falls and the lights in the sky start to fly, be sure to take these precautions to help your pup make it through the night, safe and sound.

1) leave your pups at home – the crowds and noises of the fireworks shows can be overwhelming and scary for your rascals. the loud explosions can send them into a panic. even though you may like the thought of having your pups with you to enjoy the show, play it safe and leave them at home.

2) close/lock all windows and doors – dogs have been known to jump out windows and bolt out doors when the boom of fireworks blast through the sky. not only will closing windows reduce the noise, it will also keep your dogs contained in the safety of their own home.

3) give them a safe/quiet place to hang-out while you celebrate the night’s festivities – the crackles and pops of fireworks can be terrifying to some dogs. if your pup is one of these dogs (or if you don’t know whether he is or not), make him a comfortable spot in a quiet room of your home. play some music or turn on the television (something relaxing), and give him a special/high-value bone or treat to chew on. the bone will keep him busy and give him a place to release his stress, if he should get upset.

4) if your dog has an extreme phobia to noise, it may be a good idea to take them on a road trip, and head some place quiet and serene.  however, if this is unrealistic, talk to your vet about the possibility of using a temporary sedative.  there are also several “dog appeasing phermones” on the market, such as “rescue remedy” or “sentry” collars that can help take the edge off, naturally.

5) be aware that the celebration often lasts longer than the day of the holiday, and can continue throughout the entire weekend.  the noise of partiers, and illegal fireworks often continues until sunday night, or longer, so follow these guidelines all weekend long.

with a little thought and care, you can keep your pups safe, calm and happy on this potentially stressful day. take the time for them, they’ll thank you for it with wags and wiggles!

happy fourth of july to you and your pups!  stay safe!