please don’t give dogs as gifts this holiday season

please don’t give dogs as gifts this holiday season! making the decision to bring a pup, of any age, into your life is a very personal decision that requires a great deal of thought and planning. even though it may seem like a nice gesture to give a dog to a friend or loved one, please think again. before adopting a dog, one must plan financially, make sure they are ready for the time commitment, and do the proper due diligence to figure out the right dog for their life. more importantly, choosing a dog is like choosing a life’s partner, the reason why/when we fall in love with a dog is intangible. it’s a feeling that is indescribable, and no one can predict when it will happen. so choosing the “right” dog must be left to the pup “parent,” no one else! and never, ever give the gift of a dog to a child, hoping they will be responsible for the dog. it never works out that way. the parent always ends up responsible (as they should be), and once the novelty of the pup wears off, the kids often spend very little time with their “gift.” it’s unfair to both the dog, and the child. so unless you plan on the pup being a gift to yourself, don’t do it. dogs are living creatures, and should never be treated like gifts, packaged and wrapped, under the christmas tree.