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what to expect when you're expecting a...puppy! webinar

what to expect when you're expecting...a puppy! was created for anyone planning on or considering taking the leap into puppy parenthood.

in this 90-minute webinar, we will discuss not only the joys of being a puppy parent, but the extreme challenges that bringing a fluff ball into your home can bring.

we'll talk about:

  • selecting a puppy (both from rescue groups and breeders)
  • pre-puppy preparation
  • the first day home
  • house/crate training
  • puppy nipping
  • puppy development stages
  • the importance of proper puppy socialization
  • how compassion and patience are required in order to raise a happy, healthy puppy


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tuesday, september 16
7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. pdt



training with head and heart: ethical training science in practice by chirag patel

dog's best friend is proud to host this event taught by internationally respected animal training and behaviour consultant, chirag patel.

learn about ethical training, based on practical behaviour science. using several video examples, chirag will discuss ways to teach companion animals to tolerate and enjoy participating in behaviours that allow us to care for them in a better, more compassionate way.

from grooming, giving medication, drying with towels, accepting injections and giving blood samples. chirag is a great believer in giving animals choices and control in training interactions, so he will discuss how we can teach in a way that allows the animal to communicate to their trainer/parent/handler and vice versa.

this presentation is very useful for professional trainers, veterinary staff, dog groomers, walkers, parents and anyone who works with — and loves animals.

i am a small animal vet in vancouver and had the privilege to attend one of chirag patel's behaviour talks when he visited in 2013. he is an engaging speaker and it is clear he loves what he does - he had me thinking about behaviour in a way i had not previously understood. not only is he naturally gifted at working with animals, he is particularly adept at teaching these skills and explaining the underlying rationale. he teaches a trust-based approach that i can see would strengthen the bond between pet and owner. he is wonderful to work with and i wouldn't hesitate to refer any clients to him for behavioural or training help.
—tina bruaset, dvm

about the instructor
chirag is an animal training and behaviour consultant who lives in london. he teaches workshops for trainers, veterinary staff and owners internationally. chirag also consults for kong in the uk and europe, as well as guide dogs for the blind, uk. chirag consults with a wide a range of animals including dogs, cats, birds, sloths, apes and reptiles. he has a bsc (hons) in veterinary science from the royal veterinary college, london and a post-graduate certificate in clinical animal behaviour from the university of lincoln. chirag has also completed internships under jean donaldson and ian dunbar.

wednesday, october 1
7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

otis & lucy photography, 129 arena street, el segundo