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canine cpr and first aid workshop

be prepared to help treat your pet in the case of an emergency, such as accidental poisoning, choking or heat stroke. through lecture, demonstration and hands-on practice, denise fleck of sunny-dog ink will teach you the skills necessary to help save your dog's life. you'll earn a pet first aid/cpr certification upon completion of class. humans only.
topics included:

  • temporary muzzling and safe approach
  • checking vitals: how to find your pet's pulse, respiration, temperature, capillary refill time and hydration
  • how to perform a head-to-tail check-up
  • rescue breathing and cpr
  • bandaging and splinting
  • what to do for:  bloat, burns, choking, constipation, diarrhea, drowning, electric shock, frostbite, heatstroke, insect stings, poisoning, seizures, shock and snake bites
  • how to use the items in your pet first-aid kit
  • pet disaster preparedness



denise's class is priceless for dog parents. not only do you learn how to administer canine cpr but also how to react in so many emergency situations. one class gives you critical, life-saving information. hoping i never have to put any of the knowledge into action but so thankful i have it if my dog needs me!
— jenny, enzo's mom


denise fleck of sunny-dog ink has trained with seven national organizations in animal life-saving skills as well as having been a long-time rescue volunteer and animal response team member. she has assisted homeland security with their k9 border patrol first aid program, has developed her own line of pet first aid kits, writes weekly columns for a variety of magazines and has made several national television appearances. she is the instructor of the dog's best friend first aid workshops.


saturday, august 6
9:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

dog's best friend, 1501 aviation blvd., redondo beach

$75, pet professionals or early pup sign-up by july 1st

training family-friendly dogs and dog-friendly families


Trainers and behavior consultants who work with family dogs, particularly in families with children, face some unique challenges in balancing the needs of their clients with the needs of their client’s dogs.


We want our families’ dogs to be safe and well-mannered companions, but do the dogs have to sacrifice their own personal doggishness for them to realize this goal? How do we help our families get the dog they want while ensuring a good quality of life for the dog?


This workshop will cover the essential elements to consider when opening your training or behavior practice up to families with children, such as:

  • It’s OK to admit you don’t like kids!
  • Bad matches hurt everyone: how to help select the right breed or individual dog for the family in front of you.
  • Assessing the resident dog and their family to build an effective training plan
  • Which kids make great dog trainers, and which kids don’t.
  • When anthropomorphism works in your favor!
  • Even “nice” dogs bite; what to teach kids about dogs to keep everyone safe!


We’ll analyze videos of dog/child interaction to help you spot potential problems, and review actual case studies to better your understanding of putting these principals into practice. We’ll also provide you with valuable resources that will offer you additional knowledge and ongoing support.


ceus - iaabc - 8, ccpdt - 8 (trainers)



Barbara Davis, CDPT-KA, CDBC has been in practice as a dog trainer and behavior consultant for over 30 years; her business, BADDogsInc Family Dog Training and Behavior, was formed in 2004, and she specializes in meeting the needs of families and their companion dogs.


Barbara’s behavior case studies have been published in APDT’s Chronicle of the Dog, and she has provided web content for APDT, and Barbara is a founding member of IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants), where she has served as Chair of the Application Review Committee and has been Chair of their Dog Division since 2013.


She also serves as a faculty mentor for IAABC’s acclaimed Animal Behavior Consulting: Principles & Practice course. Barbara and her family live in Corona, CA with their family-friendly Golden Retrievers.

saturday, september 24
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., with a one-hour lunch

dog's best friend, 1501 aviation blvd., redondo beach


yappy hour at pet foods market manhattan beach

please join rebecca/dbf at pet foods market in manhattan beach, the fourth friday of every month, from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. we''ll be there giving free training tips, and just saying "hello."


pet foods market will be giving out:

  • free pupitizers
  • free puppy training tips
  • free appetizers
  • free drinks
  • free goodie bags from beauty collections, our local cosmetics store


bring your friendly furry friend, and come join the fun!


it's all free!

held the fourth friday of every month
2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

pet foods market
1816 no. sepulveda blvd.
manhattan beach, ca 90266

what to expect when you're expecting...a puppy! webinar

what to expect when you're expecting...a puppy! was created for anyone planning on or considering taking the leap into puppy parenthood.

in this 2-hour webinar, we will discuss not only the joys of being a puppy parent, but the extreme challenges that bringing a fluff ball into your home can bring.

we'll talk about:

  • selecting a puppy (both from rescue groups and breeders)
  • pre-puppy preparation
  • the first day home
  • house/crate training
  • puppy nipping
  • puppy development stages
  • the importance of proper puppy socialization
  • how compassion and patience are required in order to raise a happy, healthy puppy

rebecca mandell started dog's best friend in 2004 when she became increasingly alarmed by the physically and emotionally damaging methods utilized by many dog trainers.

as a positive reinforcement dog trainer, rebecca believes in training dogs with compassion and understanding, helping to build the bond between dogs and humans, so the dogs do what we ask of them because they want to, not because they are frightened or intimidated.

rebecca was voted "best dog trainer" in the 2012 south bay locals' choice awards. she is a long time resident of hermosa beach, alongside her husband, corey, and two rascals, rusty and cooper.


new workshops with chirag patel

after our wildly successful practical puppy training instructors' course (watch what happened) with animal training and behaviour consultant chirag patel, we are planning two new workshops for dog trainers and pup parents in october: a 2-day seminar on aggression and a 5-night workshop on pet handling.


whether you have a keen interest in dog training, are working on setting up your own dog training classes or are already teaching and want to develop your ideas further, these workshops will be perfect for you.


join our interest list for updates!

chirag is an animal training and behaviour consultant who lives in london. he teaches workshops for trainers, veterinary staff and owners internationally and consults for kong in the uk and europe, as well as guide dogs for the blind, uk. chirag works with a wide a range of animals including dogs, cats, birds, sloths, apes and reptiles.

he holds a bsc (hons) in veterinary science from the royal veterinary college, london and a post-graduate certificate in clinical animal behaviour from the university of lincoln. chirag has completed internships under jean donaldson and ian dunbar.