Dogs Best Friend!

parties + playdates

all classes/playdates and parties are held at dog’s best friend ~ 1501 aviation boulevard, redondo beach

friend-finder playdate (available exclusively to dbf clients/grads)

would you like your rascal to make some more furry friends? dog’s best friend can hook you up. we’ll help you introduce your rascals in the appropriate manner and make sure they’re meant to be bffs, best furry friends.

$40 for one hour playdate, per dog

contact us if you’re interested!

puppy play ‘n’ learn

play ‘n’ learn” is a one-hour play and learn session designed just for the little ones to help them learn how to socialize with other healthy pups, and build their confidence in a safe and sterile environment. perfect for puppies 8-17 weeks of age.

~watch a sneak peek of our puppy classes!

important note:

your puppy’s health is our number one concern, therefore all puppies must meet the following requirements to attend class. all puppies must register in advance — puppies will not be accepted “at the door.”

all of the items are mandatory and must be received at least 24 hours prior to class — no exceptions.

  • our veterinary health form completed and signed by your vet (provided upon registration)
  • proof of current vaccinations
  • proof of a clean fecal test
  • puppy must be in their new home for at least one week

please contact us with questions/concerns.

play ‘n’ learn dates:


weekday dates:  drop-in sessions available tuesday-friday, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, to current dbf students, and past attendees who have turned in their vet health forms

$30 per puppy (non-dbf students. monthly play ‘n’ learn only) – register now

$20 per puppy for dbf class/private program students/grads for one time session – register now

rascal romp

this special event is for all those teen puppies who want to hook up with some frisky puppy pals, and make some fun furry friends. we’ll do some serious socializing and learn some pawsome new skills, too!

important note:

this class is created just for dbf graduates and current clients between the ages of five and 9 months. we cannot accommodate dogs that we have not yet worked with, as it is important to know each and every personality, for the safety of all pups. proof of vaccinations/up-to-date titer tests required.

all payments must be received prior to the romp start. we cannot take payment/registration at the door.

starts:  tba

$25 per puppy for one time session

register now