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  manners classes

basic manners

teach your dog to sit, come to you, lie down, stay, heel and much more in this fun and informative six-week class using positive reinforcement techniques to help foster calm, confident and happy dogs.  prong, choke and shock collars are not permitted. all dogs must have proof of current vaccinations or present titer results; please bring to first class. humans only during our first class, which will serve as orientation. your registration will be approved and confirmed prior to the start of class.



*we are very proud to teach this class through the hermosa beach parks and recreation department. therefore, this class is held at edith rodaway park, at 5th and prospect, hermosa beach.

$155 for six week class, hermosa beach residents – register now

$165 for six week class, non-residents – register now

brilliant buddies – moving beyond words

have you ever envied therapy and service dogs for how well they behave? admired how they just seem to simply make good choices, naturally? they walk with loose leashes, rather than pulling their humans down the street. they have amazing eye contact with their handlers, and they settle nicely at restaurants. all without their person ever saying a word?
well, it’s no accident. they have been taught to make good choices, on their own, without needing to be given a cue (though they’ll comply if asked).
if you long to have a dog who behaves like a therapy/service dog*, this is the class for you. we created it just for ambitious dog parents, and their pups.
in this class your pup will be guided to help make smart/positive decisions, without receiving cues, including leaving items on floor (food) alone, staying on all four paws for pets, settling by your side at cafe’s, and much, much more.
this is an advanced class. basic skills such as sit, down, and come when called are required. prerequisite: dbf’s pawlished pup, basic manners, or toby’s teens. all students interested in this class, who have not attended one of the above mentioned classes, will be asked to schedule a consultation before the class begins at the regular dbf hourly private rate.
due to the nature of the class, it is not recommended for reactive dogs, and dogs who are still learning their “quiet” cue. if your dog is not a good match for this class, please give us a call to discuss an alternative class.
*though this class will strengthen the skills that service dogs have mastered, it does not culminate in your dog becoming a “service dog.” if you have need for a service dog, please contact the ada for assistance –


thursday evening class: july 27, 6:00 – 7:00 pm

$225 for six week class

register now

little paws, big hearts

created just for the little ones, little paws, big hearts, is a special class designed for rascals weighing in at 20 pounds, or less. In this six week group class, your little one will learn all the basics, from sit, leave it, to “go to bed.” in addition to these all important manners, we’ll focus on off leash socialization and the unique needs of petite pups. little ones of all ages welcome (starting at 5 months of age). all dogs must have proof of current vaccinations or titer results. humans only during our first class, which will serve as orientation. your registration will be approved and confirmed prior to the start of class.

* new class dates coming soon! sign-up for updates! *

toby’s teens – a manners class for youngsters

did your rascal miss puppy playschool?

if so, no worries, we can help your pup catch up to all her peers in this new class, designed for late comers to training. for puppies five months of age to young adulthood, we’ll cover all the basics: sit, down, come when called, leave it, walking nicely on leash, go to bed and so much more.

the last ten minutes of class offers off-leash play time, to allow dogs to practice their off-leash skills/interactions (if temperaments are compatible).

class is held in a clean and safe environment.

important note:

your puppy’s health is our number one concern, therefore all dogs must be fully vaccinated. proof of current vaccinations are due 24 hours before the class start date. titer tests are accepted.


wednesday afternoon class: june 21, 2:00 – 3:00 pm (no class july 5)

$225 for six week class

register now